Atlanta Mobile Website Design & Mobile SEO Services

It’s easy to see that people are using their smartphones and tablets more than ever, and that means that an increasingly large number of searches are becoming mobile instead of desktop-based.

A mobile website is no longer something that businesses aiming for Internet marketing success can take for granted. When a potential customer attempts to investigate your online storefront, only to find that it isn’t compatible with their device, or is otherwise poorly designed for mobile users, you’ve just missed out on an opportunity to successfully sell your product or service.

This is where Search Nearby comes in. We recognize the need for strategic mobile exposure, and we provide professional and personalized solutions that result in a real, substantial increase in your traffic and Internet marketing success.

The truth is, many webmasters running desktop sites often face difficulty when attempting to reach out to their mobile audience. This is because a mobile site is not formatted the same as a desktop site, and therefore must be designed in a different way. Likewise, the knowledge required and methodology that needs to be implemented to produce a professional mobile website significantly varies from its desktop counterpart. This means that knowing how to create, design and run a desktop site does not guarantee that you can create an equally successful mobile experience for your users!

It must also be taken into consideration that even an attractive and fully-functioning mobile website might be poorly designed in terms of search engine optimization. For example, in order for Google to find and crawl your mobile site, it needs to be indexed properly and made fully accessible to the search engine— a task that many may not be aware of how to accomplish.

Search Nearby combines proactive solutions, intelligent design and a rich knowledge in mobile search engine optimization to provide businesses with quality mobile websites. We employ design strategies that will involve mobile-optimized graphics and a simple, easy-to-navigate construction so that your mobile viewers will never have to struggle to find the clear and concise information about your business they need.

For users trying to maneuver a desktop-formatted website on their mobile device, there simply isn’t the potential for an optimal experience like there is for one that’s properly designed. Your visitors may have to zoom in and out and scroll left and right to even read your text, as well as deal with images that load slowly or aren’t viewable at all. While everything may look good from a desktop perspective, this is simply not the case when viewed from a smartphone or tablet.

Many webmasters are using a plugin that renders an existing desktop website into a long vertical scrolling page on a smartphone. This is good for Mobile SEO but awful for the end user and will result in traffic hitting the back button for an actual mobile site. The other method is actually creating a mobile site which allows for complete control over the design and placement of any call to action and click to call features. The problem with this method is that it uses a different URL, either a subdomain ( or a third party URL. The end user experience is great however this is a huge mistake with regards to Mobile SEO.

At Search Nearby, we are dedicated to providing customized experiences for businesses of any size, and incorporating the most effective and cutting-edge mobile SEO practices in order to meet all of your goals while increasing your ranking and traffic. With the use of mobile devices at an all-time high, you can’t afford to miss out on mobile business exposure.